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Bathtub Reglazing & Bathroom Tile Refinishing

Get your old bathtub and tile looking new!


Old tub and tile? No problem! Erase rust, cracks, chips, stains, discoloration, and other imperfections in your bathroom’s old tile and tub. Bathtub reglazing puts a beautiful finish on your old bathtub. Tub reglazing takes care of worn ceramic for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Before Reglazing

Before Reglazing
People often choose to reglaze for these reasons:
  • No demolition dirt, noise or disposal problems.
  • No breaking walls or re-plumbing.
  • No getting the new tub in and old tub out of doorways.
  • No long disruption or high cost.

Get a shiny smooth finish in the color of your choice in 24 hours!

After Reglazing

How it works:

  • We drape & tape to protect your bathroom.
  • We clean, repair & prepare your old bathtub and tile surfaces.
  • We apply specially formulated materials to create a new surface.
  • Ventilation helps dry the new surface overnight.
  • We clean up, take away the mess, and leave your bathroom looking shiny and new.


ReDecor’s work is guaranteed, so you can relax and enjoy the use and easy care of your new bathroom decor. Our professionals are trained and experienced to do the best job every time. No need to worry about DIY problems or expensive plumbing jobs.

Redecor tub reglazing is quick, affordable, and reliable. Get perfect color and finish with no worries.

See this quick video to learn more.

We use specially formulated TOPKOTE™ professional materials that give along-lasting hard shiny finish. The finish is guaranteed for 5 years, and with proper care, you may enjoy the new look much longer.

Use the secret professional property managers rely on for fast, durable beautiful bathroom refinishing – tub reglazing. Tile and bathtub reglazing by professionals is s sure bet for almost every older bathroom needing a makeover.

Save on your Tub Reglazing – Refinish existing porcelain bathtubs like new in the color of your choice. Fast, safe, inexpensive, and guaranteed to last.

Get your tub looking new in 24 hours.

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