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Bathtub Reglazing & Tile Refinishing Project

A bathroom makeover success story

The years of repairs and patching with mismatched tile were really showing in this prewar apartment bathroom. Building management needed quick turnaround to turn this pink, maroon, and black tile nightmare with the rusty, pitted bathtub into a modern bathroom.

Plastic covering is taped in place over windows, floors, fixtures and other surfaces to protect and preserve them. The tile and tub are cleaned and any needed repairs are made to the bathtub surface. When the tub is smooth, the surface is prepared to assure successful reglazing. The professional formula reglazing material is mixed in the desired color – to match the decor, or any color desired. Application is done with a sprayer, to achieve a smooth and even covering. Ventilation is provided to minimize drying time for material to harden. The result – a lasting beautiful smooth and shiny tub and tile.

Bath Tub reglazing can turn your old tub and tile into a new bathroom decor in the color of your choice.

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