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clawfoot tub refinishingHomes around the country boast the elegance of a prior-century bathing appliance, but when bathroom decorating time comes, be ready for some clawfoot tub refinishing surprises.

Relics of the past, the clawfoot bathtub can be a tough thing to remodel around, so decorators have been putting the focus on the bathroom’s most notable fixture. The results are striking, but you can get the best results and the long-lasting color of your choice with professional tub reglazing. For tub, shower, tile and clawfoot tub refinishing, get the the security of guaranteed work done by experienced professionals.

Experienced guaranteed clawfoot tub refinishing and tile reglazing. Preserve and enhance the classic beauty of older bath fixtures. Don’t replace – Reglaze.

House Beautiful explores the charm of older fixtures coupled with period colors and accents.



Dark secrets from the Little Green Notebook on what happens when you want the tub to be black. Outside.



Truly inspired by clawfoot tubs, this homage to the extreme beauty of the bath that perches is a delight for the eyes and an inspiration to extreme bath decor achievement.



More clawfoot tub inspiration, this time in radical colors guaranteed to make a lasting impression.



Apartment Therapy has the remedy with this roundup of 10 colored clawfoot bathtubs. Some are mentioned above, but a few great new pieces are within.