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Bathtub Conversion to Shower Reversal

Bathtub conversion to walk in shower tub is a popular way to make shower access easier, but sometimes a tub conversion needs to be undone. That’s where our skills at handling tub to shower conversion come in very handy. Although the cut shown here is not colored to match the tub, when it is filled and gone, the smooth finished surface is one shiny color.

Bathtub conversion to shower reversal is fast and affordable. Match or recolor the restored bathtub. Regain bath function with waterproof seamless repair.

Bathtub shower cutout disappearing act

1. The old tub conversion isn’t needed.

The tub wall cutout was made to make the shower more accessible. The homeowner wants to use the bathtub, so the cutout must be filled in.

This older and imperfect cutout shows cracks and the surface color does not match. Our tub conversions are colored to match and last without cracking or peeling.

2. Preserve and Repair

We drape and tape the tub, walls, and surrounding area to protect the surfaces.

The tub wall is filled in with matching material, and the seal is filled and finished to be smooth and waterproof.

3. Make it Beautiful

The repaired bathtub wall is colored with matching color professional quality reglazing formula, leaving a smooth shiny surface to enjoy.

The tub can be ready for use in as little as 24 hours, and our work is guaranteed to last for years to come.

Bathtub Conversion to Shower Reversal
Bathtub Conversion to Shower Reversal
Bathtub Conversion to Shower Reversal
Bathtub conversions is not a one-way street
We provide expert bathtub cut-out and restoration service – from tub to shower and back again

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